Another Method for Increasing Sales Revenue

In our previous post we suggested one way to grow revenue involved “looking outward” to identify opportunities for improvement. But that approach alone is most often not enough! We must also look inward…

What processes do you use to generate sales?  How well are these processes working?  How do you know? You can study and improve your sales generation process just as you can improve any other process — by gathering facts and data about how the process is currently working, identifying the waste in the process, addressing the underlying causes, and measuring and standardizing the results of the improvements.  What process do you use to acquire new accounts?  What process do you use to grow sales with existing accounts? 

Below are several different processes that businesses use to generate sales:

  • Sales Calls 
    • Improve process
    • Improve targeting
    • Improve frequency 
  • Promotions 
  • Distribution Channels 
  • Pricing

      As we described above, to sell more and grow, it is necessary to understand customers and their current needs and values and also to have the cold, hard facts about your current processes.