Employee Engagement & Waste: Connecting the Dots

Two key fundamentals have been common threads in our previous ten posts:

  1. Employee Engagement – via assessment, education and/or surveys, and its impact on performance and customer relationships

  2. Identifying & Eliminating Waste – through looking in the right places, quantification an prioritization

Today we’d like to consider the two concepts together by asking for your thoughts on two questions.

  1. How much waste can you attribute to less-than-optimum levels of employee engagement in your organization? 

    Before answering, consider that a more highly-engaged workforce is not only more productive, but also more capable of engaging your customers! (For more perspective, you might enjoy reading a related post on our sister blog adventuresintheaisles.com .)

    So…, how much incremental growth and profit could have been realized through the process of increased employee and, consequently, customer engagement?

  2. How can this waste be eliminated? In other words, what types of training programs, managerial attitudes and cultural shifts might be implemented, and how?