Engaging Your Workforce Around the Work

Engagement has been the theme of our previous few posts, and “engagement with a purpose” is the over-arching theme of this one. 

We all know that employee engagement is a critical component of continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and long-term success. We have also consistently observed that organizations lacking an engaged workforce are rarely able to implement sustainable improvement systems and often perform at sub-optimal levels. 

However, while employee engagement is a necessary ingredient for high performance,
like flour to a cake, it is not enough. In other words, “engagement for engagement’s sake” is not a likely pathway to achieving a culture of continuous improvement or high performance. An engaged workforce will likely perform
at or near average year after year, but to raise an organization to high
performance, something beyond engagement is required.

As any baker knows, the dough won’t rise until you add the yeast!

There are a number of specific things management might do to add that something special; but before tactics must come strategic planning. Simply stated, the approach we’re suggesting is to engage your workforce around the one thing that they all have in common… around the one thing that can bring about increased profitability and a competitive edge… the work! 

If all goes according to plan, the result will be a culture of engagement that can be leveraged by all stakeholders; a culture in which the workforce enjoys a better work environment, higher levels of work-life balance, and works more productively; and a culture in which management enjoys more rapid growth, lower turnover, enhanced profitability and a stronger competitive edge.  

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