Entrepreneurial Spirit, Engagement & Continuous Improvement

entrepreneurIn a recent Pulse article, David Chung, an expert in Business Model Design and Leadership Development, suggests “entrepreneurial spirit” is a critically-important factor for team performance.

“Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset that actively seeks out change rather than waiting to adapt to change,” says Chug. “In other words, it’s a super positive mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation and continuous improvement.”

He also states that entrepreneurial spirit is all about taking ownership and pride in your organization, and that while it can be classified as a culture of the workplace, both team leaders and members must also take responsibility for creating and maintaining it.

Sounds very much like “engagement” doesn’t it?

Chung also suggests there are five ways to go about creating and maintaining this level of engagement or entrepreneurial spirit:

  1. First, WORK AS an owner. All team members should feel empowered to make decisions–and decision-making processes and approvals need to be simplified. Leaders may need training in how to hand off the reins.
  2. Second, WORK ON some crazy ideas. At some of the most innovative companies they have a policy that everyone should feel free to throw out any idea they have, no matter how grand or seemingly unattainable.
  3. Third, WORK WITH cross-functional colleagues. One of the reasons smaller companies are naturally more entrepreneurial is because of this – the team is small enough that everyone has a voice and input on everything, even if it’s not part of their core responsibility or strength. As companies get bigger, departments tend to be segmented off from other departments, losing the diversity of ideas, and instead working in silos.
  4. Fourth, WORK AS a role model. As with most elements of a great team spirit, the entrepreneurial spirit has to come from the top management team or business owner.
  5. Fifth, as the team leader, TREAT YOURSELF AS AN ENTREPRENEUR, then your team members will believe they are working in the entrepreneurial team.