Driving Change: Catching Fish With Pizza?

pizzafishA number of past posts have addressed different aspects of “change,” each aligned with the fact that without change an organization risks complacency, obsolescence, or worse.

Yet while people readily agree that change is a standard component of Continuous Improvement (see related post), they still tend to resist change when it applies to their own actions and behaviors, which is a major reason why nearly 2/3 of all change initiatives fail!

This was the subject of a recent discussion, during which the conclusion was that the best way to help people to more readily embrace change is to identify how THEY will benefit from the proposed change and then explain the change in terms of those benefits.

Simple But Not Easy
This solution, of course, is easier said than done!

As nicely explained in a Goldratt Research Group video, proponents of a change initiative must first learn about the people involved… learn about what they value, what they are trying to accomplish, and how the proposed change will benefit them.

One person explained it by saying, “We don’t try to lure fish with pizza. We may like to eat it, but the fish don’t.”