5 Steps to Increase Emotional Intelligence

learnCompleting our series on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and it’s connection to Continuous Improvement (CI), it is likely we can all identify people we know who seem to have a naturally-high EQ. These are people who resonate with us, create a positive vision, motivate us to work together to achieve great things. They communicate effectively; we like to be with them; they inspire trust, and are ideal champions of CI.

Similarly, we could most likely identify others who seem to have no EQ — who constantly create dissonance and conflict, who inspire people to go to great lengths to avoid working with them.

Fortunately, the research says that EQ often grows throughout one’s life, and can also be effectively taught. Drawing on Intentional Change Theory (ICT), which states that change must be intentional if it is to be sustainable, EQ Pioneer and PhD Richard Boyatzis says the following steps will help people learn to develop a higher EQ:

  1. Identify the ideal self
  2. Identify the real self
  3. Develop a learning agenda
  4. Experimentation and Practice
  5. Seek helping relationships

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