Leading Improvement Teams & Change With Creativity!

boxWhen identifying the traits of a good CI Leader, we have often referenced the importance of getting people to WANT to do what needs to be done.  Leadership provides the energy for change and the commitment to sustain it.

Although not often associated with leadership, creativity is a trait that modern leaders should also harness, says a recent article published on leadchangegroup.com.

Suggesting that creativity is the driving force behind innovation and change, the article goes on to state that it is a good leader’s job to encourage creative or outside-of-the-box thinking, and construct a team that works well by bringing in workers with varying aspects that complement each other.

“This way, a team of different thinkers can brainstorm together and come to the best solution that is both practical and innovative,” says author Ron Burg, a Leadership Development Specialist.

Burg also lists the following five “creativity killers” that leaders should avoid:

  1. Not listening
  2. Shooting down ideas
  3. Playing it too safe
  4. Limiting group diversity
  5. Micromanaging