Developing Your Team


Developing a high performing team can bring about significant gains that go beyond those typically achieved by individuals – and for good reason:

  • It is nearly impossible for a single person to possess the same amount of knowledge and experience that a high performing team possesses
  • The exchange of ideas leads to new thinking and innovation
  • The involvement of multiple people in decision-making strengthens commitment levels
  • A team environment provides mutual support and a sense of belonging

But virtually every organization we’ve encountered struggles with developing teams.

Many teams are dysfunctional and take too long to accomplish tasks. In other cases, the work is filled with errors and waste, and in many cases the costs are excessive and turf wars abound.

Some of the skills and behaviors that will help you develop high performing teams include:

  • Effective leadership and sponsorship
  • Developing alignment around a common purpose
  • Task and project management
  • Communication and meeting management
  • Setting measurable performance targets
  • Identifying the right process/game plan to achieve results
  • Holding people mutually accountable for results
  • Encouraging innovation