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Can You Become Creative? And Why Should You Try?

Creativity & CI

Over the years we have recognized that creativity can be a desirable trait for a good Continuous Improvement (CI) Leader as well as for project team members.

Consider that a creative mind can be a great asset when trying to identify the difference between the status-quo and the way “things could or should be if everything were right,” which is a clear definition of waste.

Although not often associated with leadership, establishing a creative culture of continuous improvement can help managers in their efforts to achieve higher levels of team performance. Specific steps for doing so include encouraging new ideas, orchestrating “no bad ideas” brainstorming sessions, tolerating failure and using it as a learning experience, and recognizing the achievement of those involved in applying creativity to improvement initiatives.

In addition, creative thinking can be a tool for helping people accept and adapt to change.

But it is important to realize that many people fear that they are not creative or believe that they lack the ability to think in a creative fashion, which tends to prevent them from putting forth an earnest effort.

Can You Become Creative?
Fortunately, according to data shared by Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, and others indicates that only “10% of creativity is genetic,” and that there are a range of activities that can help people develop a creative way of thinking. These include:

  • Consume content that’s outside your comfort zone
  • Maintain a positive outlook (often “fuels” creativity)
  • Participate in brainstorming activities
  • Test new ideas
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Recognize that very little in this world is original, and that creative solutions more often come from improving what’s current
  • Apply strategic constraints to your ideas– this is a component of “Imagineering,” which involves first setting the “sky as the limit” when we imagine what “could or should be if everything were right,” and then engineer it back to earth for practical application

5 Creativity Boosters for CI Leaders

boxIn a recent post we shared perspective on “creativity” being among the traits of a good CI Leader, and how creativity is often the driving force behind innovation and change.

In that post we also shared five “creativity killers,” which CI leaders should avoid.

In contrast, a recent article posted on Inc.com focused on ways to enhance our creativity. “Often ten minutes is all you need to kick start your brain and wildly increase the likelihood of a breakthrough,” states author Jessica Stillman, a freelance writer based in Cyprus with interests in unconventional career paths, generational differences, and the future of work.

Stillman also shared the following list of creativity boosters:

  1. Doodle
  2. Pause & Move
  3. Channel your inner kid
  4. The 30 Circles Test
  5. Write Some Flash Fiction

Read the full article…

Unleashing Innovation & Creativity

A recent inc.com article shares some great insight from Disney about innovation, and about a belief that is aligned with points made in several of our posts: innovation is the product of intentional leadership.

The article notes that innovation requires “a deliberate, intentional, and ongoing focus on the part of leadership to create an organizational culture where creativity can flourish on a daily basis, at every level, and within every function.”

“The way we face these challenges is to ensure that creativity and innovation are not just “the CEO’s thing,” says Jeff James, Vice President and General Manager of Disney Institute. “In our case, Bob Iger has said that our company’s strategic platform is based on three pillars: creativity, globalization, and technology. Since we believe that everyone is inherently creative, the role of the leader is to develop the environment in which that creativity is unleashed.”