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A Good Question About Retaining Talent


We all know that unwanted workforce turnover is disruptive and costly*. In a recent article, fuse, a workforce management firm, shares four of the most common reasons employees opt to leave a job. It’s likely we know these reasons as well…

But the good question posed in the article is whether or not we are taking proactive steps to avoid unwanted turnover!

In case you’d like a quick refresher, the article identified the following as the most common reasons employees leave:

  • Poor relationship with their manager
  • No clear path forward
  • Good work isn’t valued
  • The job doesn’t promote work-life balance

With a little forethought and planning, it shouldn’t be difficult to avoid these pitfalls; and, as the article states, “With the market for skilled talent becoming more and more competitive, smart employers will take stock and do whatever it takes to keep their best and brightest satisfied.”

To add additional perspective, when Gallup announced that the percentage of engaged workers had, for the first time in a very long time, increased just before the pandemic, their research showed that the primary reason for the increase (from 30% to 36%) was that organizations had made improvements in their approach to developing people.

  • the cost of replacing employees is somewhere between 90-200% of their annual salary based on a recent SHRM study!

Engagement Pulse-Check: Why Good Employees Quit?

We have been increasingly active in the area of enterprise engagement, and came across a related article that we found interesting and that earned a few thousand “likes” on LinkedIn: “Here’s Why Good Employees Quit.”

While a number of reasons are listed, author Mary Davids, a Leadership & Professional Development Consultant, identifies four primary reasons why good employees leave for “greener”pastures:

  • Poor recognition/rewards
  • Management
  • Hiring or promotions
  • Workload

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