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The Pathway to Engagement

The path leading to a culture of engagement is linked with productivity, performance and job satisfaction. It follows a clear objective of engaging people around the one thing they all have in common—and the one thing that can bring about increased profitability and a sustainable competitive edge—the work.

As we all know, traditional employee engagement efforts have primarily failed to yield tangible results. They have also failed the sustainability test. As is the case with any improvement or change initiative, an ad-hoc approach involving little or no planning or structure, and lacking defined, measurable objectives, is prone to failure. This approach might be called “engagement for engagement’s sake.”

In contrast, a more focused approach of improving both the work and the workplace in a measurable way can result in high-levels of productivity, profitability and engagement!

As explained by Robin Gee, Coca-Cola’s Director of Employee Engagement, “We engage employees in aggressive efforts to eliminate waste and reinvest those savings in ways that are visible and meaningful to the employees.”

This perspective differs from traditional attempts at employee engagement in two critically-important ways:

  • A strong focus on productivity and continuous improvement as catalysts to engagement
  • A strong focus on measurement and return on investment

Of course this perspective is not necessarily new. For example, in 2012 ISO 10018 was introduced, which provides guidance on engaging people in an organization’s quality management system, and on enhancing their involvement and competence within it. The standard is applicable to any organization, regardless of size, type, or activity.

You might also note that ISO 10018 standards provide considerable leeway on how an organization specifically goes about its attainment. The emphasis placed on each requirement depends on an organization’s specific brand, culture, people, situation and goals. If you’d like to determine how close your organization is to achieving ISO 10018 certification, Engagement Strategies Media has created a chart that outlines the pathway. You can access the chart here.

Employee Engagement: A Competitive Edge

engagement1Among the many “take-aways” from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance / Rewards & Recognition Expo in Denver this past week is the simple premise that an organization’s employee engagement effort can be a profit center as opposed to a cost center.

Consider that numerous studies have consistently determined two critically-important facts:

  1. Only about 30% of the US workforce is fully engaged, and nearly 20% is actively disengaged — outwardly critical of the company and creating negativism among co-workers
  2. Organizations with highly engaged employees consistently outperform those with less engaged people:

– 50% higher profits

– 43% higher productivity

– 87% less turnover

– 7 times less likely to have a lost-time accident

– Increased customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

Clearly an engaged workforce is a competitive edge… an edge that can yield increased productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

When helping clients to more fully engage employees, the process begins with getting everyone at every level actively involved in:

  • Finding a better way
  • Making his or her job more meaningful
  • Making the workplace something to look forward to, not just the source of a pay check

When all goes right, the results are an enthusiastic culture of continuous improvement, a more engaged workforce, and a more profitable enterprise.