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Increase the Pace of Continuous Improvement Via Process Examination

perception2Recent posts have focused on the importance of quantifying waste and opportunities for improvement before launching improvement projects.

Otherwise, we risk working on the wrong things because there is typically very little correlation between the ad-hoc ideas for improvement (perception) and the biggest problems or opportunities for improvement that actually exist within the organization (reality).

This post will focus on the “Process Examination” approach, which involves creating a value map to identify inventory pileups, bottlenecks, delays, and so on.

One effective method of accomplishing this is to create a SIPOC diagram, which is  a visual tool for documenting a business process from beginning to end by listing:

  • Suppliers
  • Inputs
  • Process
  • Outputs
  • Customers

The SIPOC diagram will enable you to determine high level process flow, identifying each key input and output of each process.

Once you have these identified, you list the quality criteria for each input and output, select an importance factor for each criterion and select how well it is met — or not!