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4 Pre-Requisites to Creative Problem Solving

Creatively Achieving Breakthroughs

Recent posts have focused on the value of creative thinking when seeking to solve problems or achieve improvements.

While research has consistently shown that creativity can be developed, there are 4 requirements to harnessing it to solve problems and achieve breakthrough results:

  • We must have an audacious goal — one that cannot be achieved through standard procedures no matter how smart and hard we work
  • We must clearly and convincingly make the case for achieving this audacious goal
  • The goal must be measurable and timely, clearly laying out the degree of improvement and the deadline: “from x to y by when”
  • The people involved must be trained in methods for achieving breakthroughs and given the leeway (and amnesty) to challenge the status quo and to test outrageous ideas that just might work.

Leading Innovation & Continuous Improvement

As most people agree, organizations that continually change, improve and innovate are more likely to successfully meet the challenges of an ever-changing competitive environment. Further, those organizations that can successfully develop a culture of innovation and continuous improvement are more likely to achieve success in less time.

In addition, to both develop and sustain this culture, 
leaders at all levels must understand the principles, concepts, methodology and tools of continuous improvement as well as their roles in providing the necessary support to:

  • Drive improvement efforts
  • Unleash the organization’s creative talent

Leadership’s primary goal is to build individual and collective enthusiasm and understanding that encourages people to question the status-quo, comfortably share new or innovative ideas without fear of reprisal, apply their knowledge to continually study, change, improve and innovate their work.