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Launching Your “A” Team

Team Launch Checklist

Our previous post focused on building a high performing team, so it seemed logical to follow-up with a post about effectively launching a team. Getting project teams off to a good start helps them engage in the project and in one another, leading to better results..

The first step involves investing time and effort up front on clarifying goals, behavior expectations and project scope. These steps can quickly pay dividends as teams move forward, as they help to build a strong foundation in support of more productive efforts. They can also prevent conflict, which plagues many teams.

Additional key steps for successfully launching a high-performing team include:

  • Scoping the project
  • Flushing out the team charter
  • Establishing key performance measures
  • Developing the project plan
  • Establishing expected deliverables

Why Teamwork Pays!

How to Achieve Breakthrough Gains

Chartering and deploying effective project teams is one of the most important achievements for any organization.

Consider that high performing teams, by their nature, work on the right things — those that matter most to the organization. In addition, high performing teams are much more likely to bring about breakthrough gains – gains that go beyond those typically achieved by individuals — and for good reasons:

  • It is nearly impossible for a single person to possess the same amount of knowledge and experience that a high performing team possesses
  • The exchange of ideas leads to new thinking and innovation
  • The involvement of multiple people in decision-making strengthens commitment levels
  • A team environment provides mutual support and a sense of belonging

Some of the skills and behaviors that can help an organization develop high-performing teams include:

  • Strong, committed leadership
  • Alignment around a common purpose
  • Diligent task and project management
  • Effective communication and meeting management
  • Clear and measurable performance targets
  • The right process to achieve results
  • People are held mutually accountable for activity and results