success2Founded in 1983, we are an international management consulting firm that has consistently helped clients of all types and sizes to dramatically improve business performance.

We have developed simple but powerful team-oriented, fact-based ways to help clients identify major improvement opportunities and to bring about significant and sustainable gains in revenue generation, product development, operations and the customer supplier chain.

The result is a better bottom line and stronger competitive position.

Clients calculate that the payback from our work ranges between 4:1 and 10:1 in the first year alone. Although some improvements are one-time, many others continue on, year after year.

engagement1We have also recently become certified as an Engagement Practitioner Agency, and can help you achieve specific financial, marketing, and management goals by engaging people to focus on the actions most likely to yield the desired results. This formal framework and implementation process is designed to take the warm and fuzzy out of Engagement to help you achieve both short- and long-term goals.

Our Approach
When faced with the pressures associated with needing to improve quickly, many people revert to traditional, often safe methods — across the board headcount reduction, tighter controls on travel, entertainment & training, deferred capital spending and so on — instead of using a rigorous method to find and analyze the opportunities to focus on both quick gains and lasting improvements.

Conway Management’s The Right Way To Manage© involves a comprehensive methodology that leads to enduring benefits… it is an approach that is tailored to fit your organization’s needs and help people stay focused on the right things.

This methodology is easy for Working on the right thingspeople at any level to understand, yet powerful enough to help large, complex organizations. Using this approach, you will:

  • Use prioritization to decide what to work on, and learn to search for, identify and quantify the opportunities for change and improvement
  • Decide on the best improvement projects
  • Select the improvement teams to capture the opportunities
  • Identify and overcome barriers to success
  • Execute the projects and reap the rewards

Short-term & Long-term Benefits
We understand the need for timely results.

We will enhance and support your current improvement efforts and also transfer skills and knowledge  to you so that you can enjoy immediate gains  and build employee capability so that you can take control of the process in the future.

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